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Kona has the best fishing of all the islands and 2/3 of Hawaii's charter fishing fleet

Deep sea CATCHING charters on the "Big Island" of Hawaii

Don't just go for a boat ride.

I use several different fishing techniques and target
a wider variety of fish than any other charter in Kona.
As a result,
I've maintained the highest catch rate in Kona every year since 1997!    
I catch fish so don't count on any rebate :)
Slideshow image  Hawaii is one of the worlds top deep sea fishing destinations and it's the geography of the Big island that makes Kona Hawaii the sportfishing capital of the Pacific. Five huge mountain masses protect the Kona coast from the winds resulting in sea conditions that are usually as calm as a lake. The steep slope of the ocean bottom puts the deep sea sportfishing within a short distance from the shoreline. Just three miles straight out of the harbor, it's over 6000' deep! Six species of billfish roam the Kona coast along with six species of tuna, mahi mahi (dorado), ono (wahoo), several species of shark and a wide variety of big-game bottom fish. With so many kinds of fish and fishing styles available, there's little excuse for not catching fish.

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Kona Weather Alert!  Read the report near the bottom of this page.

* Here are some notable Kona catches caught fishing with Capt. Jeff Rogers *
-mouse-over on photos for more information-

5 striped marlin and a spearfish

6 billfish in one day! (Few Hawaii captains have done this many in one day)

1056 lb. blue marlin even with much of it missing due to sharks attacking it

We caught a "Grander"!
Even with some missing,
it weighed 1056 lbs.


843 lb. Black marlin and the biggest black so far this century

We caught the biggest Black
marlin so far this Century!
843 lbs.


186 lb. striped marlin stood as the biggest striped marlin caught for over a decade

We caught the biggest Striped
marlin of the Decade!
186 lbs.

Capt. Jeff Rogers with a 75 lb. Giant Trevally caught on a jig.....This is one of the hardest fighting fish you can catch!  

  "Whether you're looking for that big trophy catch of a lifetime, some delicious fish to take home or just wanting to catch fish after fish after fish until your arms are too weak to haul in another, I'll do my best to give you the best Hawaii fishing trip you've ever had!"

 With two boats to choose from and Captain Jeff Rogers as your captain, you get to choose the boat and style that suits you best. On the "Aloha Kai", Captain Jeff offers a unique hands-on sportfishing experience. People who have some fishing experience will appreciate the fact that you get to be

involved in the sport fishing process. On charter boats that use a deckhand, it's the deckhand's job to do everything on the deck. You'll never get to touch the tackle except to reel in a fish. Some people enjoy their fishing experience a lot more while learning the ropes and getting involved, turning Hawaii fishing into more of a contact sport and less of a spectator sport. Big game fishing experience is not necessary! "I've been running single handed charters for over 15 years now without a single problem! If you have a few medium size fish under your belt, your fishing experience will go a long way and you'll really appreciate this hands on type of fishing charter."

 If you don't feel comfortable handling the rods, reels, lures, etc., then a more typical type of Kona Hawaii fishing charter might be more your style so the "Lady Dee" is a great boat to do that on. On the Lady Dee, the deckhand (also a licensed captain) and Captain Jeff will handle all the tackle except for reeling in your fish.

  Another thing that sets captain Jeff apart from the rest of the Kona fishing fleet is the fact that he finds "fishing" to be boring. Let's go catching!
"I consistently catch more fish, more often than any other charter in Kona because I use a wider variety of techniques and target a wider variety of fish so it's usually not an issue of "if" we will catch anything but how many and how big. The typical Hawaii fishing charter will wander around the ocean all day trolling lures and hope for the best. The trolling bite is always in a state of flux so if the trolling bite is good and there's enough action to keep things moving, then that's what we can do. If not, the bottom bite is almost always a guarantee of catching big fish. Using this combination of fishing techniques usually produces several fish and breaks up the monotony of just trolling all day." You can always check out the fish photos page to see Capt. Jeff's' recent catches.

Stand-up fight! This fight lasted 4 1/2 hours and then the hook pulled out.

Always friendly and courteous service!
Capt. Jeff is a sportfishing guide that loves to fish!

Hawaii fishing flags: Mahi Mahi (Dolfin fish), Kahala (Amberjack), Shark, Marlin, Ono (Wahoo) and Ahi (Yellowfin, Bigeye and Albacore tuna)
Hawaii Fishing News: Capt. Jeff with the famous world/state record Randall's Snapper. This beat the old record by more than double!

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Kona Weather Alert!
Misleading weather reports and forecasts about the rainfall in Kona abound on the Internet and as a result, many people cancel their Kona vacation plans. Here's the real story on Kona's rainfall. It rains almost every day on top of the mountain above Kona town and that mountain (Hualalai) is technically part of Kona so some reports and forecasts say that it is raining or going to rain in Kona every day. The higher up the steep mountain you get, the wetter it gets. Near the shoreline and on the ocean, on the Kona side of the island anyway, it's fairly rare to get rained on. Kona's airport sits right near the ocean and only gets about 6 inches of rain annually. That makes it one of the driest places in the U.S. On the ocean, getting rained on is a very rare occurrence.

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